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Our mission is to be the premier organization for entrepreneurial Chief Executive Officers in the Gulf Coast area of Southwest Florida. The Forum’s foundation is built upon its ability to build relationships, generate ideas and formulate solutions. All three components are focused on the management and growth of the members’ businesses. The CEO Forum is comprised of CEOs from entities with a minimum of 10 employees and annual revenues exceeding $1.5 million.

With a focus on business leadership, the CEO Forum hosts insightful and leading edge educational seminars designed to reflect the culture of today’s CEO. Highly beneficial roundtables present members with the opportunity to interact with like-minded equals and leverage their experienced intuition in a confidential environment.


  • We are committed to being people of character, living the golden rule, treating others in a manner consistent with how we would want our families, friends, and selves to be treated.
  • As business owners and leaders we recognize our responsibility to act ethically, and to recognize that our actions have consequences for people beyond ourselves.
  • We will continually work to educate, inform and train those involved with our companies in ethical practices and standards.
  • We will keep our business records and financial statements in a manner that truthfully and accurately reflects the current status of our organization.
  • We will never knowingly violate any local, national or international law, nor will we encourage or assist others who represent us or do business with us to break those laws.


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