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Bob Kelleher

  • 08-Apr-2015
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • The Francis, 1289 N. Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL


  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • By referral only
    • CEO, President or Owner of company
    • Must have more than 10 employees
    • Minimum of $1.5 million annual revenue

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                              April 8, 2015  

            Bob Kelleher 
           Engaging Employees to Drive Results 
The Francis

Bob is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Louder Than Words, 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps That Drive Results (2011 Amazon.com best selling engagement book.) In both Bob's book and in his presentation, Bob outlines his 10 essential steps of engagement which are culled from his years of experience working as an award winning internal practitioner, leading engagement initiatives that transformed corporate cultures. These best practices will help firms minimize disengagement while also putting in place steps to maximize employee engagement.

Key take-away points include:

10 Key Engagement Steps To Drive Business Results, including: Accountability is a theme throughout each step
Communication tools, technologies to maximize engagement
How to individualize engagement, and engage Gen X and Gen Y
Specific steps to create a culture of accountability and measurement
Practices and tools to reinforce and reward the desired behavior
How to hire the ideal behaviors and traits to succeed in your culture
Tools and approaches to engage first time leaders
Steps to create a motivational and innovative culture
Leveraging social media to brand yourself as an "Employer of Choice"
Per our discussions we are committed to supporting our clients with the ability to carry through on Bob's message and call to action. In order to be successful, we will spend time prior to the keynote with your team to be sure we are aligned with your goals and objectives.
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