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Part II - Larry McEvoy: Leading After COVID-19

  • 27-May-2020
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Virtual Meeting - Details Upon Registration


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Leading After COVID-19

Larry McEvoy’s life and work have always been about health.  As an emergency physician, he learned the value of creating rapid awareness in order to help people deal with injury, illness, and insult.  As a leader and executive, he learned the essential value of facilitating “big results” from the participation and volition of many people, each with their own perspective and value.  As a biologist raised on the big landscape of Montana, he learned the value of observing closely all the tiny and innumerable relationships that add up to sustainable vigor.

Appropriately enough for an emergency physician, his career has been a path of learning, working, healing, and leading in environments where the path to results and health face strong headwinds.  Whether it was in the floundering emergency department of his early career, the at-risk health system he inherited as a CEO during the economic collapse of 2008, the broken bodies and lives he cared for as a clinician, or the land his family bought a generation ago, he found himself increasingly leaning on the principles of biology to create value—strategic and human—when it really counts. 

The upside of learning and leading across all those circumstances of untapped potential, degraded function, and dispirited dynamics is a unique body of experience, knowledge, and technique in shifting them to more generative states of results, adaptation, and well-being—health!  With tested experience in high-stakes environments, his skill in tackling stubborn diseases such as apathy and team dysfunction results in widespread cures that stick and make a difference. 

He likes nothing more than creating both stability and agility, performance and health, in challenging landscapes of velocity and volatility.  If it’s about resuscitation, regeneration, or renewal—or starting something from nothing–he’s in. He is as comfortable fashioning 9-figure turnarounds as a healthcare CEO as he is facilitating a large crowd or teaching a child how to work with a horse. 

With his background of real-life strategic and operational results, coupled with wide knowledge of human physiology, ecosystems, neuroscience, social intelligence, and human networks, he brings new language, new thinking, new action, and a new approach, one that works better, faster, easier…and that spreads and sticks.  He puts it this way:

“The operating system on this planet is biology.  Humans are biological.  Our ability to create high-value human community—businesses, neighborhoods, teams—especially in this era of ubiquitous technology, depends more than ever on our understanding of biology as foundational and integral, not tangential and optional.”

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