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Michael Tougias

  • 12-Nov-2014
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • The Francis, 1289 N. Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL


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November 12

Michael Tougias

The Coast Guard’s Most Daring Rescue & Leadership Lessons Learned

Registration/Breakfast: 7:30

Speaker: 8:00-9:00


We have all heard amazing stories of survival that rendered us awestruck. But too often, we don’t realize that there is a wealth of information to learn from people who make it to the other side of life’s most daunting challenges. And there’s one man who wants to change that: Michael Tougias.

Award-winning author and compelling keynote, Tougias has conducted extensive research involving people who have survived disasters and obstacles that most of us shudder to think about. He shares what he has learned about decision-making under pressure from researching his four national bestsellers: “Overboard!”, “Ten Hours Until Dawn”, “Fatal Forecast”, and “The Finest Hours”. Walt Disney Pictures is currently working on the movie version of the Finest Hours to bring it to the big screen. #is gripping story chronicles a daring Coast Guard rescue off Cape Cod in 1952.

Tougias’ extensive research about people who have survived disasters in the face of incredible odds has also led him to the conclusion that we are all equipped with these instincts and skills, we just have to develop them - and use them - when it counts. 

Tougias dazzles audiences by demonstrating the secrets he’s gleaned from survivors and how they channeled and managed their energy into proactive decisions that saved their lives. And these are the keys to his amazing presentations: that the techniques used by survivors can help all of us achieve our dreams, manage rapid organizational change, operate at peak performances and lead more fulfilling, productive lives. A rare speaker on a well-researched topic, Tougias delivers motivating stories of survival essential for businesses that seek to inspire their employees and infuse them with confidence.


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